New Start New Jersey Releases Annual Report

One year ago today, we launched New Start New Jersey with the mission to identify and promote policies to enhance the economy and quality of life for our fellow citizens, particularly those in the middle class. We have engaged leaders in academia, business and policy to generate ideas to reinvigorate our state.  Much work remains, but we hope the dialogue initiated and actions taken by New Start New Jersey have contributed to helping New Jersey fulfill its tremendous potential.
We invite you to read our annual report for a glimpse of the organization’s efforts over the first 12 months: New Start New Jersey 2014-15 Annual Report
Our introductory event featured the results of a statewide survey detailing the decline of New Jersey’s middle class and underscoring the fundamental necessity to bolster the middle class through investments in infrastructure, education and job training: New Start New Jersey Launches.
New Start New Jersey’s collaboration with the Center for American Progress produced A Policy Agenda for Strengthening New Jersey's Middle Class, which outlines seven proposals aimed at improving the state’s economic security and prosperity: New Start New Jersey & Center for American Progress.
We brought the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program’s innovative work on Advanced Industries to the New Jersey, highlighting the need to expand our R&D and STEM assets to spark inclusive and sustainable economic growth: New Jersey's Advanced Industries: What They Are & Why They Matter.
With the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, we helped create the New Start Career Network to deliver tangible assistance to New Jersey’s long-term-unemployed residents:
Our podcasts have enabled New Start New Jersey to share with you the insights of experts within our state and from around the country, while our issue briefs have offered consideration of interesting models and alternatives: In the weeks and months on the horizon, New Jersey will encounter ongoing challenges; however, New Start New Jersey’s first year has convinced us even further that promising solutions exist.  We remain committed to finding and implementing them on behalf of our state.
Philip D. Murphy, Co-Founder & Chairman                         
Tammy Murphy, Co-Founder
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New Start New Jersey believes our state can do better — better for our families, better for our middle class. Committed not only to exploring, but also to enacting the most effective public policy initiatives to grow the economy and improve our quality of life, New Start New Jersey will work to generate momentum toward fulfilling our considerable promise, ensuring a more prosperous future for our state and all of our citizens.



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