NSNJ Podcast: Bret Morgan, Co-founder of Cowerks in Asbury Park

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Coworking represents a burgeoning model in an evolving economy. As a portion of the workforce transitions from traditional employer-employee engagement to more fluid, independent and entrepreneurial contributions, the elements of space and design have adapted accordingly. Coworking facilities have responded to shifting dynamics, providing a shared environment in which professionals can work autonomously and cooperatively.

With freelancers, technologists, coders and members of the creative class under one roof, the setting fosters collaboration and sparks innovation, with benefits to individuals, startups, established firms and the community.

New Jersey houses an active coworking culture. As the state continues to chart its future, how this model will influence overall growth and specific industries, particularly the tech sector, is a question worth exploring.

Joining New Start New Jersey is the co-founder of Cowerks in Asbury Park, Bret Morgan, an entrepreneur and technology evangelist.


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