New Start Career Network: Two Years on the Job

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The second anniversary has arrived for the New Start Career Network, the nation’s first initiative dedicated solely to returning older, long-term-unemployed citizens to the workforce.
Within only two years, the New Start Career Network has served over 2,800 members, with many having found positions due to the resources, guidance and support made available to them.  
Even with this success, the issue continues to pose significant challenges here in New Jersey, a state with one of the highest percentages of long-term unemployment in the country. 
Too many individuals and families struggle with the income insecurity and the overall instability associated with long-term unemployment.  In short, the state still has a great deal of work to do.
Fortunately, to help solve this far-reaching problem, New Jersey has proven methods, devoted volunteers and dedicated partners.
For this discussion of the second year and coming years of the New Start Career Network, New Start New Jersey speaks with the two people who deserve the most credit for the progress: Carl Van Horn, Distinguished University Professor at Rutgers University and Director of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development; and Maria Heidkamp, Director of the New Start Career Network.  


New Start New Jersey believes our state can do better — better for our families, better for our middle class. Committed not only to exploring, but also to enacting the most effective public policy initiatives to grow the economy and improve our quality of life, New Start New Jersey will work to generate momentum toward fulfilling our considerable promise, ensuring a more prosperous future for our state and all of our citizens.



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